We customize our tour experience around you. We will ask your allergies/ food preferences-Veg or Vegan/ Spice level while confirming your tour. Your food guide will be notified about your preferences and will take extra care on the same.

Our tours are focussed on safety of our friends travelling to our city. We make sure we know your food preferences well in advance like Veg/Non-Veg, any allergies, heat level etc. by email during confirmation of your food tour. We carry reputed bottled water only during the tours. The eateries we take you to are tried and tested by our team over multiple visits.

But most importantly you as a foodie are aware of the various affects of the various elements of the food on your self and we suggest you refrain from something that your palate does not agree with and give us a heads up before hand.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at foodiesdayout@gmail.com or call us on +91-9840992340

Children of all ages can take our food tours. If children are 3 or under and are not participating in the food tastings, there is no cost. If they are aged 4-12, the child price applies; if they are aged 13 and above, the adult ticket price applies.

Our different food tours lasts for different amounts of time, so there is no definite set pattern. Most eateries we visit, we will be seated. We customise the walking time based on the age of our guests. Nevertheless wear comfortable shoes, no matter how you are spending time with us.

Yes, restrooms are available at few of the eateries.

By all means YES !, click away the moments and most of the food eatery owners like to pose.

Currently our tour is only led in English.

If its food or a snack during the tour that you like, definitely yes. If its anything else, we ask that you refrain from shopping to help us keep within our schedule.

We understand that there are a lot of travelers who travel alone. Please send in your inquiry. If there is an existing booking on the same date you can join the group. Or you can pay double the price and do the tour.

Yes. Our tour can be booked for private groups and according to the group size food guides will be scheduled. All private tours are priced on application so email us at bookings@foodiesdayout.com to inquire.

We require a minimum group size of two adults. We can schedule more food guides to handle large groups.

Yes. We have someone you can speak to.

For any general enquiry, call us at +91-9840992340 or email to booking@foodiesdayout.com / foodiesdayout@gmail.com

For tours in Madurai call us at +91-9840992340 or email to madurai@foodiesdayout.com

For tours in Chennai call us at +91-9789018918 or email to chennai@foodiesdayout.com

For tours in Singapore call us at +65-84852019 or email to singapore@foodiesdayout.com

Yes, our tour needs to be booked in advance as it involves lot of planning like arranging transport and availability of a food guide.

Gratuities are not included in your tour price and they are always greatly appreciated and at your discretion.

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